My Review of "Perverse"

PerversePerverse by Larry Rodness

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love the cover, however i give the book an overall 4 stars out of 5. Despite i have never read a book this type before, surprised me that could exceed my expectations.
The book is very creative, love the authors imaginations and how he has done his researcher on goth, The book is about a girl that at the begging struggles in the goth world, but i will leave you with this quote that describes her very well: "Emylene is a second generation goth that is starting to look at to what she really believes and how she truly wants to fit in to the world. A series of events and encounters brings to her a mysterious painting, a new friend, and a world she never knew could possibly exist, all while turning her life upside down".
I love every detail, is just enough to explain the plot and the story of the book, also how the author introduces first the girl to us and a little about her life until getting to the true thesis of the story.
Trust me even if you are not in goth or anything related to it, you will like this book, and also learn more about their life. I have to admitted had a really bad impression about goths and everything that surrounds their world, but after reading the book it completely change my mind.

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