My Review for ""Gwen Reaper" by Jaz Primo

Gwen ReaperGwen Reaper by Jaz Primo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another book that was sitting on my shelf for 2 years and i do not know why because is amazing. I only give 4 stars because i hate it when the cover makes me think the book is about something completely different then it actually happen in it.

Although the book title is Gwen Reaper , is from a boys point of view because the plot runs around his life and how he meets her and what happens from there. Scott could have any girl in the new school , he is popular on the schools team and he just moved in town but he can not get out of his head the mysterious girl he just met. Also for some reason he feels he needs to protect her even if she keeps trying to avoid him until she realizes that he actually likes her and not just making fun of her like everyone in town.

The book is mysterious, fast passing and with an amazing plot written around Scott's life and how his life feels more important since he met Gwen, and even after he finds out the truth he still thinks his place his by her side. Everything happens in the present days in just normal small town where just happens to hide the biggest secrets. Expect lots of surprises while reading the book and to be amazed when things happen differently then you expect (good different).

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