My Review for "Intensity"by Sherrilyn Kenyon book 8

Intensity (Chronicles of Nick, #8)Intensity by Sherrilyn Kenyon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hmm I was debating how many starts to give, it was like I was reading a completely different book, but it might be because is been almost 2 years since I read about this story. It took me a few chapters to remember how the last book finished but I did not remember anything about his son being the one after him to kill him. (is not really a spoiler).

I really feel bad for Nick in this book, is like he opened the Pandora box full of secretes and all the answers come to him now (but some secrets honestly). We have some new characters introduced and most are on Nick side , but for some reason we get some new daemons can get break through any spell they put to keep them out( and these are thousands of years old, they should be working on all of them. Also we find out that the worst enemy they could possibly have (that everyone thought dead) they are alive and could be because of Nick (or better said of his son).

The way the book finished I want to have the ninth book right now to know what is going on, you can not leave me like this. Such a great plot, like always the writer is blowing my mind with each book I am reading (not only these series). This Is A MUST READ if you have read the other once, you will understand so much more about the world and who is truly the Malacai , and what decision he will make towards the end.

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