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Always a Bridesmaid

She's sworn off weddings…

Five-time bridesmaid Stephanie Ludlow has given up on happy endings. Love has a bad habit of letting her down. So the instant she lays eyes on her dark, cynical, drop-dead sexy new landlord, she knows it's a bad idea to move into his house. He's exactly the kind of man she's attracted to—and exactly the type to break her heart.

…Can the right man talk her into one more trip down the aisle?

Divorced single dad Mike Brubaker knows better than to get involved with his housemate. A builder, he's learned the hard way that strong foundations can't keep the woman he loves from walking out. Despite the sparks that jump between him and Stephanie, he won't put his heart on the line again—or risk his relationship with his son for the sake of a casual fling.

But all the reasons Mike and Stephanie have to keep from getting involved are no match for the connection they feel in their hearts. Can they move past their fear and take the biggest risk of their lives for what could be the biggest payoff—a love that lasts?

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