My Review for "Opal" Book 3

Opal (Lux, #3)Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me swear first like Katy so goodreads wont block my review just with a freaking whole different meaning "holy monkey balls" this book had me on the edge like crazy. Giving this book a 4.6 stars because my heart is in to much pain yo be able to give more.

In this book few characters will return some will be cut and some you will start hatting them (even though your heart is trying to tell you that is a lie or just your imagination because that character can not be the one that told on Dawson and Beth). We will have more adventure and romance from Kat and Daemon that will worm your heart , even at the time that Kat is the one to make Dawson start acting normal and go back to school. Can this couple endure more pain then they already have, when is their time to be happy something happens to kill any hopes for any future.

Dee is shown less because she is still "coping" with the dead of Adam, by hanging out all the time with Ash and Andrew (which if you ask me is more wired then anything else in this book). I start learning more about Ash and when I think I see a glimpse of her "soft" side, then I realize is only because Dee has became worse(yes is possible to be more bitchy then Ash).

I just have to dive in the next book right now to know what I will do with that f****** character , go in to torture him (yes its a him) or stab him and let him to bled slowly. I can not stress enough how good it is this book, and series If you have not read it yet you have to start now.

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