My Review for "Origin" Book 4

Origin (Lux, #4)Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes finally my heart can take a small break , thank you Jennifer L. Armentrout for this amazing book and series. I have been in a roller coaster that I do not want to get out ever, because this particular series reminded me why I started to love reading so much ( it has been few years since I have read a series that made me feel so good and marathon through it). Therefore I find myself that when I finish one book I have to pick up right away the next one ( have been barely any sleep for me these days but I do not complain).

However the book starts very sad with Katy in DOD's hands and Daemon getting himself cut to be with her and see how to get her out and see if Luke will actually help. Daemon tells Kat what Luke needs them to get for him so he can get them out, and after that they start asking each other if Archer could be the one Luke has spoken about to maybe help them. Also in here they find out that Luke and Archer they are maybe more powerful then both of them because they are Origin , born from a .... born from a luxen and a hybrid and that is why the DOD wanted both of them because they were trying to make an army out of Origin babies and control them out in the world. The events in this book they are full of adventure taking you on amazing journey even though sometimes sad one (no matter hoe mean i sound i am truly happy that one character has got what it deserves even though Kat feels guilty for his death).

Finally we will get the old Dee back and maybe she is ready to start dating again with a new very hansom character that plays a very important role in this book. Also I was unfortunately right about the character that betray Dawson & Beth, and right now Daemon & Katy.

Right now I have just started reading the last book and have to tell you this series it has to be read by everyone is just amazing, I can not even find the words how good it is.

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