Bread of Fools

Bread of Fools

By Duncan McGonall Rating: Not yet rated. Published: Feb. 12, 2012 Words: 89260 (approximate) Language: English

Short description

Secrets and lies cloud the truth and hide who and what Bruce McBaine really is. His own little, quiet, unassuming, self constructed world of mundane order is perfect before a fateful encounter with one who will upend everything he holds as true and reawaken the angst and disgust he had long ago banished to the darkest corners of his existence.

Extended description

A new Incarnation cycle will not happen without the Keys. Some of them are missing. There are eleven in all. The Keys establish Mana, and bring to order Flux, the force in all things, the blood and breath of the Universe and the Arcanon control them—or they did until Tolen refused his seat. Bruce is caught in the middle. Terra Supra is the domain of the Gragona, a powerful, magickal race of beings that the wizards of the Arcanon believe they control. One family possesses the heart of the truth. One man knows how to use it. Three must work together by opposing one another. Bruce is ignorant of these hidden realities, but he realizes his struggle to wipe his brother, Tolen, from his memories is not only vain, but it will tear apart his own consciousness. Bruce searches for answers buried in his childhood and all the while, he is immersed in a world teeming with secrets. Information alone isn’t enough. Nothing is what it seems. From the otherworldly spies lurking invisibly across the street to the wards around his house, to a mysterious woman he meets at the mall and back to his girlfriend; Bruce’s entire life--without his consent or knowledge--has been reserved for a single purpose. But no matter how much he can get from his mentors he hasn’t got a clue—at least not at first. Time is running short. Bruce isn’t ready, but his brother has lunged ahead with the plan. The ancient Maramore and even older Dahnii work to prepare Bruce where Zoey has failed. The magick that opens the Supra is limited, but it might be enough. Tolen has little idea that the decades of planning and preparation are at grave risk, and he is already stealing Keys. Two brothers and one mysterious man of ancient origin work to stop the Arcanon’s plan--a grave error born of greed and blind lust for power that would render the basis of reality meaningless.

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