My Review for "Morganville Vampires" Volume 4

The Morganville Vampires, Volume 4 (The Morganville Vampire, #7-8)The Morganville Vampires, Volume 4 by Rachel Caine

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This book is the Volume 4 which contains book 7 "Fade Out" and book 7 "Kiss of Death" from the Morganville Vampires series.

In "Fade Out"Claire and her friends finally put away Bishop for good. This didn't mean problems were over, because she start being chased by the vampire machine that was controlling the whole city. The Machine (Ada) was jealous on her and the friendship Claire had with the most craziest vampire Myrnin. Ada (the program )was trying to trap Claire through the portals in a room full with vampires, until last time opened her own portal and garbed Claire to kill her.After few tries Ada's program was restarted by Claire and when she realized how much pain she has causing, Ada killed herself (computer delete program for good). Not that this was not enough problems for them one of Eve's new friend start transforming Morganville into a Reality show, so they scope is to stop any video coming out of the city.
Now without Ada anyone can get in and out the city with no problems (including vampires), so Clare task now was to create a program that can control everyone again. Now the humans could leave the city and remember everything about the vampires and tell to the world outside Morganville.

In "Kiss of Death" Claire and her friends are going on a trip outside of Morganville to Dallas. Their scope is to record Michale's CD but think they start complicating from the moment they leave town with Oliver in the car. Things become even worse when they get in Texas waiting for Oliver to resolve some of his problems. They realized that this was not a town for them and Michale has not the power over human with his words that he use to have in Morganville.
Trouble is like looking for them everywhere because they just get in town for one day and get arrested. Things don't stop here, because they have an unexpected "rescuer" Morley which takes Claire,Eve and Shane prisoners with him and other vampires in the lookout for a new town. Now that Ada is dead he escape Morganville without The Founders permission.
What more i can say is that this is my favorite book so far so many things happening that brings everyone together even when they far from Morganville.

What can i say, i have never been so interested to read a series in my life is just been only few months and i am on the 9th one. Go read them and get at this one trust me it is worth it.

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