My Review for The Eyes of the Desert Sand

Chrysalis Chronicles - The Eyes of the Desert SandChrysalis Chronicles - The Eyes of the Desert Sand by Edwin Wolfe
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Give the book a 5 out of 5, i can not find the proper words to explain how much i enjoyed reading this book every second of it.The cover of the book will make you wonder what it is actually about but the content is just mind blowing. Love how the author uses so many different fantasy characters for this book and just love this quotes : "Many of the story human world's greatest authors have gotten their material from the stories of taletaddlers-", "Could you possibly believe stories as inspiring as the Harry Potter novels were written solely by a human? No human could create such a masterpiece without the seeds of a taletaddler." (maybe is true we never know :)))

Love how the level of fantasy of this book is so expanded, so many amazing fantasy books have been published but this one exceeds all of them.I was literally fighting with my sister over this book after skimming through it about who will read the book first. Each character is unique and the whole book it will introduce you to each of them in such an creative way that will guide you from page to page seeing each character, feeling like you are apart of the book.
What i can say is thank youfor writing this amazing book, make me feel like i was in a world of fantasy and did not want to come back from there. Edwin Wolfe

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