My review for "ReVamped" book 1

ReVamped (Angel Creek, #1)ReVamped by Ada Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love this book i will give the cover and the book 5 out of 5.
Every chapter takes you on the road to uncover a new mystery. The book is full of surprises, you will imagine one thing and then the surprise is completely different. Love the way that the author describes each character and main event happening in the book.

Nobody will imagine how the book will end, but what i love about this book is that Ada Adams wrote this book in a way that you have (and will die wanting) to read it from the begging to the end to be able understand the whole book and realized how amazing is the ending. This is one of the few books that i could not put it down since i start reading it, is very captivating. It has romance, adventure, a little drama, and while reading it your mind starts to "create", and you see everything that is going on in the book. The author is so creative the story that she uses for the vampires and what they can do, and how people live and work with them. You will find bizarre and funny some of the things the vampire will do to accomplish their dreams even if that will mean they can not hunt humans of fight any wars...they will choose the peace if that will get them closer to what they need like being in Hollywood to be an actor or a singer, and how much you will love each character in their way, especially Dawn for being such an amazing person. If would not tell anyone she is a vampire you could swore that she is human, that is how normal and nice she is, wanting to help everyone.

Minor things will grab your attention and you will remember them sometimes making you to read the book again. Some of the scene in the book that are very important the author has written then in a funny way, you will laugh and enjoy reading every page and regret that you have finished the book.

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