Kristen Stewart: It’s Great To Finally See You Out, Looking Healthy

Kristen was finally seen in public, following the bashing she’s taken in the press since she cheated on Robert Pattinson, and she looked great! She looked healthy, cute, and, most importantly, hopeful, as she was still wearing her ring from Rob. Kristen Stewart, you haven’t had an easy summer.

After news broke that you cheated on your boyfriend Robert Pattinson with your director, Rupert Sanders, you not only potentially lost the love of your life, but you took a harsh and unfair beating in the press. That’s why finally seeing you out in Los Angeles on Monday, Aug. 20 is so great. You had been in hiding for nearly a month, but finally seeing you look so healthy has been a great relief. There were many reports that you’d been losing weight and that you’d been avoiding working out, but in your white crop top and black jeans, you appeared just as fit and cute as ever. You looked like quintessential-Kristen.

The pictures also caught you wearing Rob’s Baltimore Orioles hat — and the gold ring he gave you. It’s clear that you still have hope that your relationship with Rob might work itself out, and that’s important. It’s great to see you still being hopeful, as it means that you’re not letting your reported depression get the better of you. Keep holding onto your hope, Kristen. We can’t wait to see you on a red carpet! Are you glad to see Kristen looking healthy and hopeful. Hollywood Life

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