My Review for "With Open Arms" by Nora R.

With Open Arms (2-in-1) (Song of the West & Her Mother's Keeper)With Open Arms (2-in-1) by Nora Roberts

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I have been hearing about this book from a family friend for a while, she knew i loved reading and that i have read Nora Roberts before so she decided to give me the book as a gift. She is a person that reads a lot of romance but very picky with what book she will read, so i decided to give it a chance and read it.
The book is just amazing and it does not have only one book in it full of romance but two.Unfortunately i have read the book few years ago so now i had to look "thru" it so i can remember, so i have decide to make the review different this time, i will talk about what i felt about the two books and give as minimal details as possible.
Of course the moment i start reading i knew it will be a another great book of Nora Roberts. Both books have an nice plot that will make you believe that true love can overcome everything if the both decided to fight. For example the second book has one of the most common obstacle that they have to overcome (and even saw that in the comments for this book here on goodreads, that some opinions are that maybe the women was to young for the character she had been pair with). Also love the mother relationship in the second book, she will be supporting her all the way.
Ok i have not said to much about the first book because is a shorter story but trust me is worth reading. Both they are if you like romance this will be just for your taste.

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