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IntangibleIntangible by J. Meyers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Give the book a 5 start but i am giving the cover a 4 out of 5, for me it does not really connect with context.
This book takes you on a journey of adventure of a 2 teenage twins Luke and Sera. At the beginning i was like wondering what is so special about them, because the book was good but it was not going for fantasy or anything just a normal life in high school. After not even a chapter to my surprise this was becoming the most "magical" book i have ever read. The twins had powers and they were protected by a elf that looked nothing like the once we seen in movies (humans). Have to read all the book, page by page to connect the dots and not miss any adventures that Sera will have finding out on the way that they are not the only once with powers, or with the same kind of powers. The writer surprised me every time i was going into a next chapter, nothing was going how it will make you believe, which was amazing.
Trust me if you like fantasy books, this is one that you will deferentially do not want to miss. Their adventure will keep you reading until you finish the book.

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