"ReAwakened"by Ada Adams new excerpt

"This most recent ReAwakened excerpt has been making its way around the internet for a while, so I thought I’d include it on here as well for those of you interested in a sneak-peek at a new character making an appearance in ReVamped‘s sequel.
“Meeting Razor”
    My two-story fall was cushioned by the intruder’s body. He—a vampire, I realized—groaned as I landed on top of him, forcing his body into the muddy ground. I reached for my dagger, but he was quicker. Before I had a chance to pull it out, he slipped out from underneath me, flipping me over so that he was on top. His firm, muscular body pressed tightly against mine as his hands pinned my wrists to either side of my head. His face was covered by shadows, but I could make out a mischievous smirk dancing across perfectly-shaped full lips.
    “You’re quite feisty, aren’t you?” he chuckled, bending forward to examine me. Deep, charcoal eyes overflowed with amusement.
    He was actually enjoying this."
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