My Review for "Crimson Sunrinse" 2

Crimson Sunrise (Tueri Fated Souls, #2)Crimson Sunrise by Renee Rearden

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Giving the book a 3 out of 5 stars. The problem is that i have not read the first book so i have been a little confused with the book (went on the previous book to read some reviews to make an idea about the first book). Also i have never read this type of book before, so without reading the first book for me this book started a little to "fast" with the hot romance (have to admit that i was blushing reading the sex chapter.) I do recommend this book but an advice the ones will read it to be 16 and over.
Although is my first time for this type of book, can say that made me really curious and interested in getting the first book. Love all the characters in this book, and never though ill say this but i like the love triangle from the book. Got so cut up into the book that sometimes when i was distracted from reading i wished i had one of their powers. The book is so original (yes is with vampires but what they do and their powers)with every little detail and adventure. To be honest don't think i have ever read a book with so much danger(but in a good way), and what is the writer putting the characters to do to survive/escape.

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