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DreamerDreamer by Monique Morgan

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Giving the book a 5 out of 5, love the book and the cover is amazing. To understand this book is better to read Pursuer first to know where is Asenya coming from, and what is the world she is living in now.
Love how the book stars from where Asenya gets taken (this book is from her point of view), and explains everything. This book is full of adventures, one after another. Asenya has so many obstacles to overcome, but for everyone's surprise she will do just fine, and make some good allies from people that you will less expect.
While reading this book i start feeling like i was reading about myself, that how well the book is written, i connected with the character. Of course i would love to have some of her powers, but not like any kind of magic or anything you are used with. This book uses psychology a lot, and it turned out amazing. Every power that the dreamer has it comes from within their mind, building shields and anything they need.
Therefore the book has a new fantasy power, creating and adventure, that will make you want to read more and more. If you want to know more about Asenya, her powers, her twin sister and how everything changes since she was brought in this world, then you really have to read this book. The only thing i will say more is that i can not wait to see what the author Monique Morganhas prepared for us next.

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