My Review for "ReAwakened" book 2

ReAwakened (Angel Creek, #2)ReAwakened by Ada Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Giving the book and cover an over all 5 out of 5 stars. This book is the second book in the Angel Creek series.
When i finished reading ReVamped i thought that i might be disappointed in the 2nd book because i really had high expectations, but to my huge surprise was that this book is just amazing, do not have words to explain how good it is. Love the way Ada Adams describe everything, from the character to the adventures.
This book for me was just amazing from the beginning to the end, kept me captivated, and feeling like i was one of the characters in the book.Of course like ReVamped this one has adventure, less drama from Broke (yes it actually happens, i know is hard to believe it, and what we all wanted from the start was some romance between Dawn and Sebastian. So many surprises in this book, for example people that you believed they were dead they are safe and sound (not going to say who). Also i want to yell because i always was team Sebastian (so want them together), but want to "kill" some of the characters in there that will destroy the happiness for Dawn, love life but also the guardians (not killing them, like they are finally a team but someone will want them dead or alone). Not saying anymore about the book you have to read it to see that i am telling you the truth. Keep looking but your not going to find another book that has everything and is written so well, and works in such a nice harmony.
Seriously i am like dieing here waiting for the next book from Ada because i know will be amazing. Have to close this review by saying Thank You to Ada Adams for such amazing books.

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