My review for "It could never happen to me"

It Could Never Happen to MeIt Could Never Happen to Me by Michelle Richards

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Giving a 5 out of 5 for overall, content and cover. This is my first time reading this type of book, and love it.
The book is after a real story, that is why this book had a bigger and different impact then all the others i have read. The story is a about a teenage girl life, that turns completely bad after her step father's son comes to visit them from Detroit. At the beginning everything seemed so normal, but the "boy" was taking advantage of her innocence. In Detroit his fiance was waiting for him to get married because she was pregnant.
Just think a little how would you react at 15 if for the first time a hot guy was giving you importance and not other girl that you thought were much better looking then you. Also he gave (stole) her first kiss (in his words to show her, and teach her how to kiss). Will you have the courage to tell your mom, or you will be afraid not to ruin her happiness, and the relationship that she finally build after so long. The poor girl she could only pray that things will get better and he will leave her alone, at least that what she thought, until she told her mom and she didn't believe her. The only chance she had was to talk to the boy's fiance on the day of their weeding.
To know what happen and what a jerk he was in the whole book (and if he gets what he deserve), i am recommending this book to all of you, girl or boy.

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