My Review for "Last Breath" book 11

Last Breath (The Morganville Vampires, #11)Last Breath by Rachel Caine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rating the book 4 out 5 overall, love the cover (have a different cover then is in the picture), but at some point got discourage from reading the book because of some of the events.

When you think that things might be ok, everything turns upside down, not only because of Claire and Shane but also the problems that Amelie create to Michael and Eve, because she does not agree with them getting married. On this book 11 people and vampires start disappearing, that scared even Amelie, you will find that she will be more fragile then all the other books. Myrnin will get on Claire "bad side" that will make her quit and he will accept because he knows is his fault, but you will also find out why he was force to do it. In the end he ends up helping them like always and Claire she will rick her life to save some of the people from the glass house.
The problem is that whatever is the enemy in this book 11 they do not have with what to fight it because is everywhere and can capture everyone with no problem. One of the victims will be Oliver (and you guys know how strong he is, but this time he had no way out). Also you will find out why all the time Claire felt that the house responds to her emotions like it was alive.

What i can say it that i just started the 12 book, that how good is the Morganville series. If you want to know what happens with Monica you will have to read it, trust me you will like it.

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