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Chosen Ones (The Lost Souls, #1)Chosen Ones by Tiffany Truitt

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The Chosen Ones is the first book from the series The Lost Souls by Tiffany Truitt. The second book is called Naturals

This is the first time i read a book so dark, i usually read vampire books or romance. Have to say it was an interesting experience, but a good one. Love the cover of the book, and i honestly like the book , i gave it 4 stars only because is a little to dark for me.
The book is about a girl named Tess that goes through some horrible things in life, which make her very calculated and cold. Reading the book you will find out what are actually the Chosen Ones and how right is she to act how she does until she meets James, that makes her see the Chosen Ones with different eyes. I find it a little bit confusing at some time, but is very entertaining and keeps you interested from the beginning to the end. The rest you will find out while reading the book, trust me you wont be sorry for doing it.

If you like the books that are more dark this is just right for you guys, take it from me that i have never read anything like this before, and fell in love with it.

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