My Giveaway 1out of 10 -1 YEAR CELEBRATION FOR THE BLOG

 Yey the blog has 1 year. First of all want to thank you all for following my blog, participating the giveaways. Hope you have enjoyed every post i have. So i will have big and small giveaways for print and e-books, most of them will be international, i promise i will do my best. All the giveaways are from me, so i will do my best to mail it everywhere.
 There will be 10 giveaways, and in them will not be included the summer giveaway that is separated.

This is the First giveaway.
Here i will leave the review for the books at every giveaway in case you don't know anything :

1. Please leave a comment with what is ask of you, and also if you would like me to change anything please fell free to say it, accept all the advices and critics.

2. If you do all the request more chances to win.

3. There are 5/five Winners -5 books- E-BOOK


  1. Hello!I just heard about your blog in the facebook Tribe page.I immediately checked it out and loved it because your favourrite books,movies and stuff are almost the same as mine.I always wanted to buy the book but it's not available on Itunes in my country (Albania).I really hope I win lol :p.I wish you the best :).

  2. I would love to win an ebook for kindle
    esined615 at