My Review "Collateral Damage " book 3

Collateral Damage: An Annie Ogden MysteryCollateral Damage: An Annie Ogden Mystery by Frederick Lee Brooke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Collateral Damage is the 3rd book from the series "An Annie Ogden Mystery", and have to say its just amazing. Giving the cover a 5 stars but it doesn't really work for me with the content so i will give an overall a 4 stars out of 5. Unfortunately i have only read the last 2 books never had the chance to read the first one, but i can imagine how good it could be.
The book i just got it today to do a review on it for the blog post so please bear with me i will do my best to not reveal to much but to make you understand what it is about.
The series are about Annie, but Collateral it explain more about her past and what happen in Iraq. She seams to have created a normal and good life since she came back until her ex comes after her (when everyone else though he was dead). Now she is cut between him that does not leave her alone and her actual fiance that everyone likes. Michael (the ex) is trying to get Annie back trying to be Romantic writing her a poem, but the bad side of him keeps on coming to the surface. Also what is wrong about him that he acts he does not know what he is doing wrong, or that is just a joke to him. Salvador is a prince compare with Michael, he treats Annie very nice, trust her, protective and romantic.
Hope that will get you into reading, how it got me i was like hiding all the time from my boss to read few more pages is just wow, love it.

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