My review for "The Reaper Series" book 2

Unreap My Heart (The Reaper Series #2)Unreap My Heart by Kate Evangelista

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Like all the other books i have read from Kate i am giving a 5 starts out of 5 for the content and the cover. Unfortunately i haven't read the first book from the series, but after reading this tomorrow that will be the first book i will buy.
What i love about this book the most is the originality of the plot and the paranormal stories. Also that me not reading the first book didn't confuse me with anything, because at any new story their were enough details, and some from the past. Love Arianne her character and the fact that she will always want to help you even if her life could be in danger. On the other hand Balthazar is the perfect bad guy, that is OK to fall for him. At the beginning i didn't like him that much because of what he was about to do and didn't know to much about him. But as i kept reading i could not help myself from falling in love with this character.
Small spoiler about the book, all the plot is build around Balthazar return "home", and the him finding D injured. All of this brings lock down to the "city" Crossroads nobody being able to come in or out until they found the enemy.
Read the book in one day, could not put it down. This is a must have book especially if you have read the first book. Then i can only say you are missing so much in not reading it.

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