Summer Giveaway winners

Hello everyone, firstly i want to thank you all for participating at the giveaway, is my pleasure to present all the winners, there are lots exactly how i like it. Here will be all the names please if you do see your name contact is on our page here Books Are My Life with a comment or a message saying : " I have won (the prize that you won)" . Everyone has 48 hours to contact us otherwise we will pick another winner.

1. Diana Terrado "Anniversary of the Veil" series e-book
2. Pauna Oana "Angel Creek Series ReVamped first book" e-book
3. Jacklynn Sizemore "Angel Creek Series ReAwakened 2nd book" e-book
4. Daniela Cast " Bitter Disenchantment"e-book
5. Kate Everdeen "A new World" The tribe e-book
6. Stoenac Marina "Apollyon" print
7. Chirita Madalina "The Shattered Dark" print
8. Emmeline Mistor "Shadow Heir" print
9. Marco Alberto "Bloodlines" print
10. Serena Sineri "The Eyes of the Desert Sand" print 1 out of 3
11. Chanel Duncan "The Eyes of the Desert Sand" print 2 out of 3
12. Marni Dieanu "The Eyes of the Desert Sand" print 3 out of 3
13. Jennifer Horan "The Gathering" print
14. Cosmin Marin "The Calling" print
15. Monlight Angel "The Rising" print
16. Stephen Eugen "Death, Doom, and Detention" print
17.Julia Ivashkov "Unbreakable" print 
18. Luna Angel "Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend" print
19. Pixie Dust "Morganville Vampire" omnibus volume print
20. Iulia Dromereschi swags
21. Courtney Elena swags
22. Lis Ann O'Gara swags
23. Lorene Kinslow swags


  1. Thank you can't wait get my ebook Angel Creek Series ReAwakened 2nd book!!! :D

  2. Happy to have won this! :D Looking forward to "A New World"