My Review fpr "The Iron Queen" book 3

The Iron Queen (The Iron Fey, #3)The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Iron Queen is the 3rd book from the "The Iron Fey" series, love the cover and thatch why i give again another 5 stars to this series.
Unfortunately i have a hard time making a review for this book without reviling almost everything. The book is full of crazy adventures, but in the beginning is more like lay low and making plans how they can take the sector of seasons back in to the Winter Queen so they can stop the war that is about to arm between summer and winter. Where Meghan is hidden she finds out that another relative has been kidnapped by the faery years ago and that the person does not remember her because has been in their world for to long. Also because she misses Ash she allows his enemy to kiss her and admits she has feeling for him ( i knew he loves her but i though she considers him like a brother... wow i was wrong). Their plan fails because they realize the person that is helping the Iron Fey to guard it is Ash and that he acts like a "robot" that has his switch to kill Meghan but his eyes say completely different.
After fitting for so long to save Ash from what was controlling him, when they come home and stop the war they get banish/exiled to the mortal world, but it only lasts for a few weeks because they need their help to kill the fake Iron King. Amazingly winter and summer fight side by side but that is not enough until someone from this courts sacrifice their life to save everyone and defeat the iron king once and for ever. Ash and Puck will be devastated but their are forced to not help her (she will be the one making them promise to let her do what she needs to do).

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