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SavorSavor by Kate Evangelista

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Have to start by saying is an amazing book (just wow). Giving the cover and content a well deserved 5 stars. When i saw the cover first my thought went straight to Taste and couldn't figure out why they are so similar. Well let me tell you that even after i read the book Savor could not explain why i had mixed fillings for Luka.
Luka in this book is a handsome rock star that take interest in Dakota (a photographer to be with an eye patch), just because he thinks she will be the only one to understand his pain. He takes her along with his family ( they were all apart of the band) to Lunar Manor. When they get there Dakota starts the "adventure" of her life. Just love the way Kate Evangelista describes every detail, just to drawn you more into the book. This book has everything from adventure to romance, lies and even mystery (oh lots of that from Luka's part might say). From the beginning of the book you know that something is not right so all the time i expect the big secret to be , they are all Vampire (boy i was wrong about that, what is happening there is even more fascinating then any fantasy book i have ever read). Also you will find yourself admiring Dakota strength, courage for keep going, living her life, not letting her disability ruin her life. DAKOTA IS AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL.
This is a must read book for everyone, no matter what kind of book you like reading this has everything and it works together perfectly. Also i do recommend if you haven't read it already to do it so Taste ( you will understand a lot more after you read this one also ). Have to say in this book Savor just couldn't stop myself not to love Luka (but didn't know why i was hating him too, because of the book Taste)

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