My Review for "Insurgent" book 2

Insurgent (Divergent, #2)Insurgent by Veronica Roth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Where to start, first i have to explain why i give only 4 stars,because is an amazing book, i am a very picky reader and it was not perfect.
Insurgent is the 2nd book from the amazing series, this book continues the story from where Tris and Four escape outside the fence. Tris after she shot Will she can not hold a gun now, but also she does not want anyone to know what she did until she is force with the truth serum. Although you have to read the book to see if that had an effect on her or not, but at least now everyone knows including Christina and Four. Honestly i do not know why she is upset on Four when he feels hurt that she did not trust him with the trust every time he ask her what is going on with her and why she was afraid of the guns now. Of course that the trouble is always there looking for all of them, but she is always tries to push everyone putting her life in danger (when she even thinks that is a stupid choice to begin with).
Four fears finally changed but they are the same number, only that 2 of them are worse then the once he used to have. Also because of one of the fears he has he has to make Tris understand how precious her life is and he has to make her choose, from making reckless decisions where almost kills her to still being with him. (she is very lucky to have him forgive her so many time) However she still does not listen to anyone and she give herself on the had to the enemy which lets you wonder if she is death or alive or with Peter or Four.

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