My Review for "Mockingjay" book 3

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

GOOD BUT BOOK but it disappointed me, i expected a lot more from it because of the other 2. Therefore i can only give 3 stars for , because made me at some point to hate Katnis for some of her actions and decisions.
The book continues from the rescue of Katnis and explains how she cops with so much loss, and the fact that district 12 does not exist anymore. Unfortunately now she has to face the reality, and the war that is rising in most of the district after the last hunger games. She is somehow forced to make the decisions to become the Mockingjay for the district so she can give them courage to keep holding on. However any time she makes an appearance on the screen as mockinjay, Peta has to suffer in the Capitol.
Gale does everything he can to make her feel better, even puts his life in danger to help rescue Peta and Annie. When finally Peta sees Katnis again he tries to kill her (he is very changed unfortunately), but her family and Gale encourage her that after time he will be again the Peta that everyone knows. However while they wait for Peta to get better locked in a room at the hospital surrounded by specialists, Katnis has to continue helping the rebellion in the last district holding on. After they come back and the last time Gale and Katnis are alone, she kisses him but he realize that she only does it when he is hurt (and tells her that too) (which makes me very sad because i always wanted them together although already knew what will happen i wanted her with Gale, especially now).
The book is good, and if you are rooting for Peta and Katnis is actually an amazing book and you should read it.

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