Questions... about books? No 1.

My Opinion, My Questions 
Public answer ?!

     Reading keeps us from going crazy in this crazy world, allowing us to escape in our own world. Past few years i start reading different other books beside Fantasy or Paranormal, and some of them they make me question if they are trying to tell us something. There is for example : The Hunger Games books, Divergent Books, The Tribe"A New World", The `Secret` etc and even movies all against the Government ( and this once are only in English they are some in Spanish), so the books and movies are doing what we can not do. In the end i start wondering myself maybe they are some people that are going against the Government and we do not know, maybe the authors or directors know about them and are trying to get us on their side. Honestly i would not be surprise, because it has always been a flaw in this system, so many countries in Europe are suffering because of this system and the people that's runs everything, because their only concern is not us is them and only them (how to steal more money from us with the taxes, higher prices, starving the population ) . Also i have no doubt that are hiding the truth from us, as why the population everywhere is struggling (people lose their homes, jobs, they can not feed their family).
   My big question is: Am i the only one with this questions (the only one i see all of this happening)

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