My Review for "Frostbite" book 2

Frostbite (Vampire Academy, #2)Frostbite by Richelle Mead

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can you say AMAZING, i love love this series and this book in particularly, so of course i give 5 stars for the content and the cover. Frosbite is the 2nd book from the Vampire Academy series (Vampire Academy movie is made after the 1st book from the series).

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This book made me love Rose and Dimitri even more, also to hate Rose every time she treated Christian bad even though he made Lisa happy. Have to tell you guys after reading this book i got to the point to feel sorry for Mia (yes the one that bullied Lisa and Rose), she changes in this part but not much you will see what i mean. Also what i love that this one has lots of funny moments even though something bad it was happening. I was kind've afraid that maybe after the first book i would be let down by this one, but i was happily surprised. More adventure and fighting with Strigoi, but also more surprises, one of them is when guardians realized that Stirgoi somehow they found a way to kill during the day.

New characters are introduced in this book and also we discover some other character that can use the spirits powers in a different way that Lisa does. Some of the new characters will help them, however other ones will intervene in Lisa's relationship and hunt Rose even in her sleep.

You have to read this book (series) , if you like reading vampire book this is for you, but more different then all the other ones. </["br"]></["br"]></["br"]></["br"]></["br"]></["br"]></["br"]></["br"]></["br"]>

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