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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, #5)Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

JUST AMAZING, no words for how much i love this book. This book 5 stars is not enough , it should be 20, 100 is just wow. Spirit Bound is the 5 book from the Vampire Academy series, a great series that has used vampire and Strigoi so different that any other writer has used before.

Rose had come back to the academy to try to have a normal life (as normal she could have), she even graduate from school and become a guardian. The only thing she had to do for now is wait so they can name her Lisa's guardian, but that did not come fast enough because she help Victor to break out of prison (with good reasons that even Lisa help her with). However even after all the broken rules, she will be asked to go rescue Lisa and Christian from Dimitri the strigoi, but what happens in the end no one has even dreamed.

Dimitri is send to prison and begs Lisa to never have to see Rose, but of course that will not help, Rose finds a way to talk to him ( but regrets the moment he starts talking to her, with so much hate). However no matter how much Dimitri hurts Rose with his words, his actions towards her speak louder then anything else when he fights even the guardians ("his friends") to save Rose. Rose has been charged with the death of queen Tatiana and the guardians had come to take her to jail, but Dimitri had tried to stop anyone that will come close to her until she beg him to let them take her.

So much action and adventure in a book so big you will think it will get boring, but the way the writer used the plot is amazing, every page is more breath taking then the next one. Do not worry is some drama and romance and big secrets that will come to the light, one of them is coming from queen Tatiana special for Rose ( she trusted her enough to tell the biggest secret that the court has ever had).

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