My Review for "Chain Reaction" book 3

Chain Reaction (Perfect Chemistry, #3)Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Why can't I give more stars, whyyyyy....Ok let me get my thoughts together, what can i say about this book that will not spoil it not even a little. Well first that is the 3rd book from the series, and of course like all the other once is an amazing book, enough said.

If you read the other 2 books you would probably guessed by now that in this book will be about the little brother of the Fuentes family, Lucas.However i expected him to be more quiet and the one that will erase all the bad things from everyone's mind and only remember his name because he was good. Little did I know the turn of events that this book will get, and in what trouble Lucas will be dragged into and this time will not be because of his brothers or the gangs, will be because of someone in his family that we did not know it was apart of it(I know i spoiled it a littler , could not help it). What will not change is that he will do everything he can to keep his family and the person he loves away from everything is waiting for him , no matter what that will be...

People please do not hate me but i do not want to continue so i will not reveal an important event from this book. I will just add that this is a must read book, is very easy to read (i finished the series in few days ), and the plot is very well written .

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