My Review for "No One But You"

No One But YouNo One But You by Jillian Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Have to say that is been long since i have read a book in one standing or even in just few hours and even enjoy it (did not realized it was done). Have to give the book a 5 starts although i did not love it is just that what is said in the book is so often in real life that at some points it made me so angry.

This is a fictional story about a woman that has been abused but is trying to change her life and help all the other women that are going through the same thing. Mariah is been out of the abuse for years but she wants to give back to all the people that help her and make a better life for her and her son. Also trying to show everyone that women can get back up stronger then ever. However her past life has harden her heart and scared her to trust any man she came in contact with until a long lost friend that she had dated in high school. When she finds out his story and what he went through all the years they have been apart she realized how much he has suffered and changed. Everything changes when her son is in big danger and he is the first person to go to her sons side to help him and do anything he can to keep him calm until help arrives to take him to the hospital.

It is a very fast reading book and you will enjoy every chapter of it , in my opinion is perfect for a reading slam. Also i will stop her because if i will continue i will give to much away from this lovely and beautiful story.

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