My Review for "Rapture" book 4

Rapture (Fallen, #4)Rapture by Lauren Kate

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am so so Sad because this is the last book from the series and i loved all of them. Therefore i will give a big 5 stars for the cover and of course for the content.

This book made me laugh. cry, yell, hate and love the characters and everything inside it. I hate that one of my favorite characters dies saving Luce life. Actually lots of characters will die because of the big battles will be held, but in the end you will see that everything was worth it. (OMG what an ending, the only thing i will tell you guys is that maybe Daniel and Luce will be able this time to have their happy ending) Hey but not everything is bad, we find out the true identity of Luce, which is WOW. We find out how powerful she is and why did everyone tries so hard to protect her, and nobody can tell her who she truly is. All of this is connected with the curse, because believe it or not it come from something higher even then the angels.

Again the author surprises me with the originality of the story, and some of the amazing new characters that can "bend" time even from the eyes of the angels. Also there are some sort of angels that keep track of the angels and demons on earth not to break any rules. Unfortunately the history is about to repeat itself because of some selfish angel that think he can have anything because he is higher even then God.

If you have a chance please listen to the audio book because at the end you will have part of a nice surprise.

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