My Review for "Forsaken" book 1

Forsaken (The Forsaken Saga, #1)Forsaken by Sophia Sharp

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Have received this saga recommendation from amazon having all complete series at just 1.99 for kindle, so i thought to give it a chance the summary seemed interesting. I just fell in love with it from the moment i started reading the first chapter, that is why i give a well deserved 5 stars (been a while since i gave them so easy).

The plot runs around Nora and this transfer boy (Hunter) that comes into her high school with a past that starts all kind of rumors why he is even accepted to the school. To say that she is an average high school girl with a normal life is an understatement, until she is forced to help the new guy catching up with the math course. However even after spending so much time with Hunter her life is just boring and heartbreaking as any other real high school girl (with a crush on the wrong boy).

Have you heard about the saying curiosity killed the cat ?! Well it does not kill Nora but gets her involve in something she could not even dream about (literally dream because she learns that dream world is exactly another dimension where other 'people' live). Honestly if i only had this book i would have spend even 9.99 for each of the other 3 books for kindle to have them to read right away, because the first two i read them in the same day.

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