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SkinnySkinny by Donna Cooner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my sister's book from school and I can not believe I have not read this book before, thank my readathon for pushing me to read it, is an amazing book. I can not even explain in words how much I loved this book, I am giving the book a 4.7 stars because at some points the book really got to me, that's how rough it is.

As how you read in the synopsis this book follows Ever struggling with her weight and the mental illness that brings her. What you have to be careful when you get into this book is to ready of how rough it is, that is why I love it so much because it explain almost exactly how the person with eating disorders struggle mentally. Ever starts at the weight of 302 pounds and tells us everything that is going on in her life, how people treat her before the weight loss and after , also the challenges that her mind creates. All the troubles in her mind are started by Skinny a voice in Ever's head that put her down even after she gets amazing results.

This book was on point with almost everything a person that has eating disorders deals with. It shows exactly that we are our worst enemy (this book really hit home, I developed ulcer from not eating for days , I did that back and forth for years, even now I struggle to eat even a little bit so my stomach wont hurt ... yes I sometimes unfortunately teach myself to forget about the pain and not eat). Had to put the book down many times because of how real it was and made me yell and cry for Ever and hate that voice that does not let us see how beautiful we are.

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