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City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4)City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

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This book like all the others from The Mortal Instruments series gets a 5 starts out of 5 from me (well deserved). City of Fallen Angels is the 4th book out of the series. What i love about this series is that Cassandra Clare has gave a name of each book that make totally sense, connecting with the content of the book perfectly.

In this book Simon tries to figure out his life, after his mom finds out he is a vampire and how she deals with it. Now he is homeless with "people" trying to get him on their side because of the curse and the fact he could walk in the sun. Also he finds himself being protect by Jace (which meant spending all the time with him and not with Clary) from the people that want him dead.

Clary starts to feel insecure about the love Jace had for her, she was getting depressed and little sleep. Every time they will meet he would always act different, one day being so "cold" and others being so lovely with her, with kisses that tell her he had missed her like crazy. Therefore all of that made her more confuse then ever not knowing how to act. In the ends she finds out why he acts the way he does and they sick help with the silent brothers which gives them the worst "news" they could expect. Also they find out that one of the greater demon is trying to revive Sebastian which changes Clary's plan of "healing" Jace. Everyone was horrified of the sound of Sebastian might come back to life, but for Alec (not in a good way) was a relief of doing something else then being so insecure of Magnus love (by the way was all in his head, because everything what Magnus did was to love him).

The book has great adventure that will keep you on the edge with every page you read not letting putting down. Exactly after finishing this book i start reading the next book, an amazing series. If you read Twilight saga or Hush Hus you will just love this series. Hope you enjoy your reading.

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