My review "City of Lost Souls" book 5

City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5)City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Firstly i want to explain why i am giving to each of the book from the series a 5 starts out of 5 for the content and the cover. One of the reason is because the cover connects with the book, and second the most important reason is that the books are amazing.

The book like all this others from this series is well written, with a balance of romance, action, drama and some comedies. Love the way Casandra Clare describes every detail (not to much or to less, exactly needed amount) and how she uses every character. For my surprise while reading the book i was fighting with two feeling inside me, i love Jace but in the same time i was hatting what he was doing to Clary under the influence of Sebastian. Jace became Sebastian puppet, he was doing everything he was told, and treated all the people he loved very bad (except Clary). Clary's love for him push her to make the worst decision ever, to go and live with Sebastian (who acted so sorry for what he did to her before) and Jace. Although it was not a good decision she had the prove that a dark power was controlling Jace when he got hurt by an angel sword exactly on the mark he had made of blood which bonded him with Sebastian. In that moment of lucidity he told Clary how bad he was feeling about everything the "other" Jace did, and that he would rather die to be stuck like that forever.

The book is amazing , i will stop here not saying anything more, this should be enough to get you into read it , if not you do not know what is an amazing book when you have it. Also i never like giving to much, specially the most important adventures from the book, that i will leave it to you to discover, where will it be the most fun, and enjoyment reading the book if i will give it all out. Do not take my word for it take all the other millions of people that have read this amazing book. Forgot to prevent you that this book will just make you love Jace even more and "kill" to have the next book :)) enjoy your reading.

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