My Review for "Endless Knight" book 2

Endless Knight (The Arcana Chronicles, #2)Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"Endless Knight" is the 2nd book from The Arcana Chronicle. How i was expecting i fell in love from the start with the cover and the book. A well deserved 3 starts out of 5, the cover and the title work amazing with the content.
In the second book we find that has more action and drama then the Poison Princess, but that does not mean is no room for romance. Finally in this part we will all get our answer to the question: What is going on between Jack and Evie...does he play her or he actually cares very much for her? Unfortunately now she is seen like a leader and everyone counts on her, which puts her life in danger way to much. Also the voices seem to disappear after she starts meeting each one of the people she hears in her head. Everything looks to go very well, everyone seems to agree to come on her side to kill Death and then the game will be over, until she meets one of the voices that looks so innocent and scared but it turns out to be the most dangerous opponent she faced so far since the game has started.
A small "recap" of the book 1... the game is a set of "lets call them game cards" but each person on that card is real and has its own power. Evie is the Poison Princess and for Jack you will have to read why is he so important in this book. The game is that each person has to fight with each other until one of them dies and the other wins "real life".
Now let me explain in few words why i gave only 3 stars, well i hate so far how the book turns in the end, hope is just Evie getting Death in her trap and not the other way around.

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