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The HostThe Host by Stephenie Meyer

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Amazing can not say more, a well deserved 5 out of 5 stars for the cover which work very well with the content. The Host is the first book from the series and is amazing. When i heard about the movie i was excited but then i hear that is after the book which is written by the same amazing author which wrote the Twilight Saga....wowowow.
I can not stress this enough , people if you like the movie please read the books after took because you will see they are much better. The movie and this book their very different but i think is a good thing. Is like the story is been told once by Melanie and then by Wonder, at least that's how i felt. Of course in the book the walk in the desert took several days, which good miles they are made with the car Melanie and Wonder consulting the map to see if they are missing something from the Uncle Jeb explanations (no accidents with the car). The seeker is the same mean with no heart that wants to control everyone, but in the book follows wonder every step, even in her apartment without being aloud too (no surprise there).
Trust me it is so worth it reading the book, if you liked the movie you will honestly love the book.

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  1. I loved the book too! <3 So many details, such an interesting story <3