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Creators (The Lost Souls, #3)Creators by Tiffany Truitt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I can not give a 5 stars not because i do not love the book just because of the ending. Creator is the last book from the series The Lost Souls, is just an amazing series, so different then everything else i have read. It's a YA/Fantasy with lots of adventure, mystery and romance, but more important it does not have any of the fantasy characters that you guys have read until now (no vampire, zombies, demons, faeries and so on), this book is only with people (yes is fantasy).

There are the Naturals people (the normal people that have been created by God but because of a virus the women die when they give birth) and the Choosen Ones (created by humans, no clones they all look different but supernatural one can fly or has laser eyes...they have super human strength, speed, intellect and some they can see the future or see your darkest secrets). Ok that's it explaining the characters, you have to read it for its fights/adventures, how some people fall in love with the chosen ones and they are loved back (and all of this is against the laws their life are in danger).

Tess is one of the few girls/women that can give birth without dieing, but she is also the weapon against the creators of the chosen ones. Love the way the author is using normal weapon to protect the people but they are used in such amazing way. Unfortunately Tess father and best friend they put the war against the chosen one ahead her own life. After he saving their life they still trick her to go back in the main "city" where the creators and chosen people are, so while working for them she gets the code to kill them all (until she finds out that means killing all the chosen ones including the father of her unborn child). All the fights are mostly while they are trying to make their way to a safe place but they have to go through a forest where is very hard to hide, because of all of this even the teenagers are trained to fight so they can have bigger army.

I love Tess she does not give up to her love for James even tho they have put a block on his memory and can hurt her, but every time he does she realizes he can't continue because somehow he is hurting himself. After fighting so much with other people and even with James she manages to break the block on his mind (but that cost her because he does not see her future and she almost dies, but instead she starts the war that she had never wanted).

All of this is only in one but (and much more i have left out lots of important details) is only like a small summary because the adventure and the way that the author explains every detail i can not put it in words, is just amazing.

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