My Review for "Goddess" book 3

Goddess (Starcrossed, #3)Goddess by Josephine Angelini

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Firstly let me tell you i have not read the second book, because i have already read 3 series with a love triangle and i was not in the mood. I felt a bit confused when i start reading Goddess but then everything come in to place. This book is amazing can not even express how much i love it, 5 stars for it.

Have to say that i love how everything turns up, Orin not alone, Cassandra with a future if everything goes well, but where does Lucas ends up when someone he cares about to much dies?. Also Helen will have to fight the battle of her life, trying to save everyone she loves...Who will win Zeus or his daughter?

Things are changing, but in good, even tho they will have consequences. The author uses its creative writing to help us visualize each scene, each fight more easier.( and maybe wish we could be there to either help or kill someone that we hate)

To many people will die in this book, and so many truth will surface, that will change Hellen's life for ever. However i will tell you that everyone will be very happy with the end of this book. Hellen is so powerful that even scares some of the Gods, so powerful to make a human into an immortal (who it will be you will have to read to find out). At some point in the book i wanted to kill her because she hurt Lucas so much and cursed the moment she ever met Orin, until everyone finds out that she was supposed to meet Orin before Lucas to fall in love with him. However someone will end up killed because of the person that tries to make her fall in love with Orin. Also when all the houses meet now they will not want to kill themselves anymore (why is very important, you will want to read).

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