My Review for "Laugh your way to Happiness"

Laugh Your Way to Happiness: Laughter yoga and the new science of health and well-beingLaugh Your Way to Happiness: Laughter yoga and the new science of health and well-being by Leslie Lyle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Have to say I am amazed by how much I enjoyed this book. I was one of the luckiest people to win an ARC book and I will give a 5 stars because is just amazing.

I was worried it will be another book that just wants to fool people by telling you to do some things you get money or have a happy life, and how wrong I was. The book made me laugh from the begging to the end (not even a comedy movie make me so happy). Some of the words used in the book I started using them and honestly people will start laughing right away ( I tried answering the phone saying "Ha ha ha"), some will think I am crazy but after I explain they will laugh even harder and a friend is using it too.

Now when I get sad /upset about something the mind is used to it (after pushing myself so much now is normal to me) and somehow I start laughing because I think of the most stupid things (like the person face when we argue or things like that)... I do not want to say more because I will just start telling everything from the book, so go grab a book and read it trust me you will love it.

What I love the most about the book that uses facts and even links that you can go and see a video (funny , hilarious videos like the babies laugh with no reason , to teach us how good that makes someone feel).

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