My Review for "Grave Mercy" book 1

Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1)Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book like many others were recommended to me by my bff Julia, and of course i loved it , got hooked on it. What i love the most is the way the author ended the book is giving a choice to keep reading the book or end like is just one book. That is why i am giving a well deserve 5 stars for the content and the cover.

Now please bear with me, i have read the book like a month ago and have read few others since then. What i do remember very well how much i prayed for Ismae to fall inlove, and then to admit her feeling to him. She finds out after escaping her father that she has kind powers from the God of Death to bring justice in the world. The author puts her thru lot of adventures and soon to have to choose if to kill the person that her God has said to to give her another chance. Also she finds out that the person who she called her "Mother" has been keeping secrets from her, and that she does not know the ability of her powers, how strong she actually is.

I am a very picky reader , but have to say i have no complains about the plot or the fact that the story happens 100 years ago. I have been reading every time i had a free moment, and craved for it when i was busy. Love the way the author describes every scene, but most the big fight when Ismae meets someone very important (read to know who, trust me you will love who it is and what happen next). I will for sure continue reading this amazing series. Do not take only my word, trust all the reader they have loved the book.

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