My Review for "Nexis" book 1

Nexis (Tricksters, #1)Nexis by A.L. Davroe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me tell you this much .... I WANT The 2nd book right now....That being said i will give the book 4.5 stars, not because i did not love it. Nexis is the 1st book from the Tricksters series , and after reading the first book i am sure the second one will just amazing. After reading the synopsis for the book i just had to read this book, and the publisher was nice enough and send it to me.

This is a dystopian book where all the war had ruined the planed so people had no choice but to separate themselves , from aristocrats (living in a place safe from all the radiations to the disfavored (the ones leaving where even the rain it will kill you in a week from the radiations)

Ella how all her friends call her, she was born a natural (natural birth no alterations). Have to say that in the beginning i hate it the book because i thought the writer was saying that you can be beautiful in only a single way until the moment Ella's father explain her why he wants to remain a natural. Of course after that i started hating her for good few chapters, until she opened her eyes and started understanding what her father was trying to tell her.
Nexis is a game that Ella's father had build it for the people to live a life that would actually want to have , and in this reality will be able to feel everything from hunger to sleep or love. Also in here you could see how the earth use to look like before the war, with all the grass and beautiful sky.

This book had me through so many emotions that to one point had to put it down take a break and calm down (from crying/ being upset/ or laughing so hard that my chicks will hurt). Still I have to have the next book now.

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