My Review "S.O.B." by J.C. Valentine

S.O.B.S.O.B. by J.C. Valentine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I accepted to do a review for this book the moment i saw who was the writer, i loved her book That First Kiss, so i knew i will love this book also. After reading this book i fell completely in love with it, so i will give a well deserve 5 stars.

Vista is trying to build her resume after graduating college and makes the mistake of accepting her stepfather help. Her fist client is her stepbrother Levi that needs to regain his strength for his next game that is in one month. She will be Levi's therapist for his leg to get well and strong again, however things could not get more wrong then they are already. When things seem to get better , then David comes in and ruins everything like always (so hate him). The love between the two was born before the parents got together, and they trying to buried their feelings but seeing each other after so long they realize that nothing had changed. They will have to fight the whole world even after their parents are divorced.

Reading this book i found myself cheering for two characters and planing the death of one in so many ways. This book is amazing and trust me i do not read this type of books , this one is my second book and i love it, read it in one day , very easy read.

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