My Review for "Blood Promise" book 4

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, #4)Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aw i have so many mixed feeling about this book, even though made cry, love and hate it so many time i still give it 5 stars. Blood Promise is the 4th book from the series that is more based on Rose adventure in Rusia then the academy.

What happens at the academy we only find out when Rose taps into Lisa's head (anyway not many things happen at the academy). Lisa deals with Rose absence by trying to make new friends and stay busy in school and practicing every time she had a chance with Adrian. The new characters are getting on my nerves , even though some are making Lisa pretty happy and some is helping Rose. All the things that happen in this book literally broke my heart so much, so sad (even though is still full of adventure, battles and many other things), how hurt Rose is feeling in the book. However Rose is "traveling" fighting Strigoi risking her life believing if she finds Dimitry and keeps her promise then all the hurt and pain that is inside her, will fade away and she will finally be able to go with her life.

Something that happens in the book drives me so crazy, so many mixed emotions, especially when Dimitry and Rose meet for the first time since he had became a Stigoi. I do not know what to believe about how he actually feel about Rose (how can strigoi love, have emotion, that confuses me and he says to her to stay with him for their love), don't get me wrong is a little bit interesting and fun their relationship now (will she stay with him or kill him). Lisa changes while Rose is away from her to get all the darkness away from her, she became more bitchy and mean with people, and she can not admit how angry she is at Rose, she just goes crazy at Christan because she thinks that he is cheating on her. Can not wait to see what happen in the next book, honestly i am a little scared to see what happens.

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