My Review for "Infamous" book 3

Infamous (Chronicles of Nick, #3)Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to stop picking up a series that never ends...because the suspense, the wait and everything else is killing me slowly. Honestly I first choose this series because of the covers, they are amazingly cool and interesting. OK enough about the whole series now i am going to tell you why i gave the book 5 stars ( although i wanted to kill the write because he needs to give Nick a break ... man)... well beside that of course i just love the color, this book is all about the content (i know you will say that all the books are like that), the way the written , with every word taking you in that world living every moment like you are apart of that, and when someone interrupts (little brother/sister) you want to 'kill' them.
Infamous is the 3 book from the series and have to tell you that poor Nick will barely get any break with his girlfriend, he is always attacked by everyone (especially his Dad) and trying to learn the powers without waking up the devil inside (literally).
At some point I start getting frustrated because i will make an idea about Nick's girlfriend (both actually ...yes he will have 2 but not by choice) and then something huge will happen and i will have a different idea about who she really is and what she is hiding. However what i love the most is that has lots of new adventure and it will not feel like is a bit to much even for fantasy (admitted it has happen in some books), and that he will find help in places and people you least expect.
Nick is to naive ...way to naive and golable by forgiving everyone and seeing good in creatures that will never have not even a drop of good only they are forced to help him because he saves them. Hopefully he will change in the next book and be more tough (but not destroying the world tough).
Hope this helps , i really enjoyed reading this book actually i am on book 7 now just didn't get around to write a review for it.

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