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Atlantean (Eternal Trilogy, #1)Atlantean by E.N. Watkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was one of my reads for the readathon and have to say that i had myself for having it on my shelf for 2 years before picking up to read it. Have ask for this book to read because of the amazing cover and then when i have received it my friend asked for it and then when i got it back i just had other books to read and kept pros-pone it. Give the book an over all a 10 stars (unfortunately goodreads doesn't allow more then 5). If you like Greek mythology, story about Atlantic lost city, angels , demons (or not demons ... read it you will find out) trust me this is the book for you.

First let me just beg E.N. Watkins please continue with this series I want to keep reading , is just amazing.

Amadeus Angel (he does not like to use his full name often) knows he is different but not how different or who he truly is until he goes to a new school where everything in his life changes. He starts understanding why his "parents" like to make him cry, and that he is not the only one there are so many more...atleanteans (but with cool powers, i want to be able to do so many things they do). Ow and have to add that his friends are also either angels , witches but they are how old...what and they traveled through time...OMG and what...his soulmate is the first angel . (need to say more?)

This is a fast passing book, and warning you will not be able to put it down , i stopped reading when it was done and it was 3 am and had to be up at 5 am for work ( it was worth the sacrifices loved it). Is beautiful written , the plot is just wow, and the book has the perfect amount of detail about each adventures or new information (like a new character, or how God created the universe from the most powerful book with the help the book you will know).

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