My Review for "You Were Here"

You Were HereYou Were Here by Cori McCarthy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have received the book in exchange for my honest review, and before i give my review i want to let you guys know that this genre is the first time i read. Therefore my 3 stars is actually good because i did enjoy reading it and i did it in one day. Honestly i believe that some of the events could happen in real life or even have happened already.

The plot is mostly about the death of Jake's sister reliving all his crazy 'adventures' trying to stay alive while doing it. Jaycee (Jake's sister) is dealing with grief in a very different way then even the people that have watching him die, one of those people being her best friend Natalie (but she does not know that). When is the 'adversary' of her brother Jaycee, Natalie , Zack ,Mirk and Bishop go along to discover what Jake used to visit and why. Although Natalie denies it at first this adventures brings her and Jaycee (and more important herself) closer and back to be themselves. Of course every child deals with trauma in different ways but this girls have taking it to a new level by either burring everything inside and trying to be someone else like nothing happened (Natalie) or literally living Jake's life (Jaycee).

To my surprised this book captivated me into reading it without putting it down and enjoy along with the "gang" every adventure they had (although a little to extreme for me at some points). Although is a different genre and style of writing that i am used to read, i actually enjoyed this book very much and was pleased to see how fast i finished it.

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